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Invisalign with a difference!

  • Have you actually discussed your case with an actual dentist?


  • Would you like a complete quote that has no hidden extras?


  • Do you want to see 3D modelling of how straight your straight your teeth can be? 


  • What would it be like to be treated as a valued patient in a boutique setting?


  • Do you want to know how long it might take to straighten your teeth with our custom Invisalign plans?


  • What should you expect from our amazing tailored Invisalign treatment? Read what our patients have said here



Your detailed consultation starts with  photos and a 3D image of your teeth!  This will help you explain what you want to Dr Jack. He will listen to you and develop the best and most cost effective option for you.

Did you know many practices do not include certain items with their fees? We pride ourselves on a 'no hidden extras' approach.


You will be surprised how much you can save compared with other practices!


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Free consultations before 17th March. 


We only have 5 spaces for consultations so don't miss out. 


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You can search for Google Reviews for Cumberland Dental reviews and you will find a lot of happy customers. Call now and see the difference. 


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Imagine in only 6 months time getting ready to go out. You find yourself looking at your teeth and just beaming at how straight they are. How did this happen so quickly without braces? Invisalign is a great solution for this.

We will let you in on a secret; you have found an amazing boutique practice that is tailored to your needs. Do you want to go to a place where the staff pride themselves on knowing your name? You'll be surprised at how efficient Dr Jack is at getting your treatment done (most of our patients who come for second consultations are very surprised with the shorter time frames) or just have appointments that actually are on time? Why should you waste your time waiting for the dentist to get to you?


This practice isn't for everyone. We treat our patients like family and pride ourselves on service. From the moment you pick up the phone you will know fthat we won't treat you like just another number in line. You deserve better. Dr Jack has built the practice to be the ultimate in helping patients feel comfortable with their treatment without breaking the bank. Do you really want to pay over the top fees for huge marketing and overheads?

Are you interested in getting a premium service for an all inclusive price? You might have seen online ads with $600 worth of freebies, and guess what? Thats easy when you charge thousands more than we do for poorer service!

At Cumberland Dental, we let you know the FULL cost of treatment, not just the start price. Trust us, once you have compared price and service, you will want to tell your friends about Adelaide's best secret. That's why we are a Platinum Invisalign Provider.



We are simply going to have a look and see if Invisalign is right for you. You will immediately see the difference when you actually meet the dentist, Dr Jack. If you aren't seeing the dentist for your consultation, then how do you know you are getting professional opinion? Come in to see Dr Jack for a consultation to assess your teeth. Lets make sure they are healthy enough to be straightened and that your problem can be solved with Invisalign. Simple! But remember, write down any questions that you might have so he can answer them for you at that very first appointment, make the most of this great opportunity!


We use a 3D scanner to take images of your teeth - saving you time and the discomfort of having the old style moulds. Photographs of your teeth are taken and we also take some x-trays to check tooth and bone health.

Dr Jack then spends a lot of time tailoring the plan to suit your mouth. All of this happens in the background. It might seem that Invisalign is the same wherever you go, but there is an art to delivering a tailor made result just for you. Once we have spent time designing your treatment we can show you the computer animation of how your teeth become magically straight. That way, you will know what how it's going to look in the end. We want you involved in this process as much as possible.


Once you are happy with the final result, we send everything off to Invisalign for them to start making up your trays.

Your trays are created just for you and fit very carefully over your teeth. Each new tray changes very slightly, moving your teeth to their desired position.



Its time to take action. Your teeth aren't going to straighten themselves by wishing. Contact us on 82716233 or our online chat box. Just make a small effort and find a time that is convenient for you. Dr Jack starts early at 8am and is still working at 6pm. Surely, there is a time in the day you can make to get the smile you deserve. The quickest way to get to the end is to start sooner.