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Braces for KIDS

Q. "Where Can i find Cheap  kids braces?"

A. You would be surprised with how reasonable the fees are at Cumberland Dental


You might wonder if there is a cheaper alternative for braces for kids. There really isnt. Braces are the cheapest way to effectively straighten your childs teeth.

However Dr Jack Gaffey is a general dentist who is trained in orthodontics and has completed hundreds of cases of braces over his career. What does this mean for you? It means you can get high quality teeth straightening for your kids without paying crazy fees. We have a huge number of finished case photos to show you what we offer and how we can tailor make your treatment. 



Teen braces






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Q. "Where can i find great Orthodontic Service"

A. At Cumberland Dental

Here's the secret. Jack really believes in his work but he knows he has to really wow you with customer service and provide you with great results to get customers raving about his practice. We really pride ourselves from the moment you call our fantastic front desk with making your orthodontic experience a great one. You can search for Google Reviews for Cumberland Dental or Facebook reviews and you will find a lot of happy customers. If you are looking for personalised service rather than being just another body in a very crowded waiting room, this is your place. Jack has 3 daughters of his own (one of them is in orthodontic treatment right now) and he enjoys working with children. Its not the normal stuffy sort of practice, you will love the staff and feel at ease from the moment you walk in the door.


Smiling after braces

Closing an open bite in teenager with orthodontic braces





Q. "HOw can I fix my overbite"

A. You can correct your teen's overbite with braces or Invisalign.

Most cases work better with braces but some can be treated very well with Invisalign. It depends. Some straightening with braces will involve the use of elastics to move the top and bottom jaws together and others require a few teeth to be extracted. Every case is different, so we need xrays and photos to discuss your cases and work out the best and smoothest option for you. Dr Jack likes to get braces started during the very quick growth that happens with puberty. This means the optimum time for braces is around 12 but it can be earlier or later than this depending on your child's individual situation. If we have braces on during growth, we can use the changes that occur with the face to correct overbites in the right situations. It is for this reason that you want to have an orthodontic check when your child is getting close to this age or has lost their baby teeth.

Girl with Invisalign


Girl with Invisalign


Girl after finishing Invisalign





Q. "Can Invisalign fix my Kids crooked teeth"

A. "If your teen is a good candidate and they are disciplined enough to wear Invisalign 22 hours a day"

Invisalign is a great treatment for the right cases and the right patients. Invisalign works by moving your teeth along a predicted path that follows the patient using their Invisalign trays 22 hours a day. If you don't wear your trays enough, your teeth won't move the full amount they are supposed to. This means that over time your Invisalign trays will not fit like they did at the beginning and they will eventually be ineffective. We then have to take new impressions of the teeth and have new trays constructed. This adds time and cost to the process. If your kid isn't disciplined to follow the Invisalign rules, then braces are a better option. Braces work with much less cooperation from your teen. You know your child best to make that decision. Braces are also more effective in certain crowding situations or movement of teeth. This means that not all cases should be treated with Invisalign, it just needs to be properly assessed. 






Q. "Can You fix Spaces in my Teens teeth"

A. "We can straighten the teeth and close spaces at the same time"


Sometimes your childs teeth might be a bit delayed in coming into the mouth. We can help them come through with braces to bring them into line and get them straighter. You will need x-rays of the teeth to see where they are and how everything will fit together. 


Braces to fix missing teeth in teen



After braces to correct missing teeth