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Changing your smile can be simple.


Invisalign is a great way to move your teeth quickly and easily. Wouldn't you love a broad welcoming smile?


 If you could see into the future looking in the mirror at your new perfect smile, you would ask yourself "Why did I wait so long to do this???". 


Its crucial that you find a great Invisalign provider who can deliver the results you are looking for. Dr Jack Gaffey is one of very few Platinum Invisalign Providers in Adelaide. The key to great Invisalign cases is all in the planning. When you have an eye for detail, then everything falls in to place. 


Our aim is to make your experience with Invisalign, one that delivers the service you desire in a great time frame. 93% of our cases are finished in less than a year. 


Come and see us, you will  be surprised by the cost and the personalised service we provide. You don't want to feel like  part of a machine churning through patients. We follow you every step of the way to make it a smooth easy process and make you feel like part of the family. Our patients rave about the treatment we deliver and are more than happy with the prices and results. You can Google over 100 Cumberland Dental reviews to see what our patients have to say! 



From the moment you walk into our office, you’ll realise you will be treated the way you dreamed of. Even just speaking with our front desk staff will let you know the type of high quality service we deliver.


Dr Gaffey strives to ensure each patient is personally looked after and our Invisalign plans are designed to work quickly and efficiently. When you have been doing treatment as long as we have, you get pretty good at it.



People ask us questions like "Can you straighten top front teeth with Invisalign?"  It's simple.Invisalign Top Crowded teeth


"But how do I find a dentist who is great at Invisalign?" you might ask.

Why are your patients so happy with their treatment? The secret is, we make sure your treatment is as smooth and personalised as possible. You will know from our Google Reviews that patients are very happy with the result we deliver.





What does our Consultation involve? Read below to find out.



We are now offering Free Consultations for Invisalign!

Our special offer finishes Friday 16th April 

We apologise but we now have less than 6 spots to start Invisalign this month.

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Here's how it works.

  • Come in to see Dr Jack for a consultation to assess your teeth. Lets make sure that they are healthy enough to be straightened and that your problem can be solved with Invisalign.  Simple!


  • Then digital scanner takes 3 D images of your teeth, photographs and X rays are taken to build up your profile for Invisalign. We can show you amazing pictures of your teeth in 3 D! Dr Jack then spends time tailoring the plan to suit your mouth.


  • You get to watch a movie of how your teeth could look with Invisalign. We want you involved in this process as much as possible. Tell us what you think!



  • When you approve your plan, Invisalign sets up your case and the trays are created for you. These fit very carefully over your teeth. Each new tray changes very slightly, moving your teeth to their desired position.



Now YOur Teeth are straightened without people noticing! 




The process goes by so fast that you'll catch up with friends who you haven't seen for a few months and they'll wonder why you are smiling so much!!! A new straight smile will do that.


We are often asked what's the difference between you and other practices. At Cumberland Dental, we invest in ongoing training. Jack spends over 120 hours per year (3 working weeks) on orthodontic training and smile makeovers in Melbourne, Sydney and overseas. He seems to do more online courses nowadays.


We think that it is a better way to build our business than a highly paid marketing campaign. You get the benefit of all this training when you come in to see Dr Jack for your free consult. That's right, you will actually spend quality time (not 5 minutes) talking to the Adelaide dentist who does your treatment, not untrained staff trying to sell your their products. What's the point of a consult, if you can't ask all the questions that you want, to the person who is going to be developing your treatment plan.


At Cumberland Dental, we don't spend huge amounts of money on Advertising in newspapers or expensive spots on Adelaide's radio and TV stations. We rely heavily on word of mouth and this keeps our costs down. We have developed patient friendly payment plans that make straightening your smile affordable. This means you can makeover your smile with Invisalign for as little as $55 per week for 2 years. Why pay for someone else's major marketing machine?


We also include a gift to you once your teeth are straight.... TEETH WHITENING. It's amazing. You can get your new straight smile and have it whitened.


Call Now for your Invisalign Consultation with Dr Jack and when you mention that you saw us on the web, its free! The first step to a whiter beautiful smile begins with a phone call.





































"they'll wonder why you are smiling so much!!!"