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No need for a referral to see us, just give us a call!


Getting things started

When you make your appointment, our friendly reception team will email you some information, including some forms to fill out, so send them back to us before you come see us so we are all ready to go.  


At your visit

At your first visit, Dr Jack will assess your teeth jaw throughtout an examination. This is where you will discuss your treatment options while expressing any concerns or problems you may have. Sometimes there can be options that you may not have even considered.  At the end of the exam, Jack will:

  • Advise whether or not orthodontic treatment is recommended
  • Determine when the orthodontic treatment should begin
  • Present the possible orthodontic treatment options available
  • Formulate a definitive treatment plan to achieve, as close as possible, your goals and expectations



X-rays of the jaws and teeth can be taken by us here on the day as part of this visit. This can help diagnose the position of your teeth, facial profile and alignment of the jaws so that we can develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored for you.

3 D Scan

Additional Orthodontic records will be taken and they consist of 3 D scans of your upper and lower teeth and bite.

This is done with our Intraoral scanner Itero. Itero is a digital scanner that captures 3 D images in only a few minutes! This means for you less time in the dental chair and the experience a lot more comfortable. 

The scanner works by using a wand and moving it around your mouth, which captures 6,000 images of your teeth per second! The result is a high-resolution, 3 D, interactive image of your entire mouth.

To read up more about our clinical technology, click here.

Treatment options

We use 2 different types of braces, 6 Month Smiles and Full Orthodontics and Invisalign. Dr Jack  will discuss the benefits of each treatment and tell you which one he believes will give you the best outcome. 

Additional treatment...

We will also note if any fillings or dental cleans are required prior to commencing treatment. Once the records have been made, you will be given an appointment to have the treatment started. It’s that simple!

The key point is that Jack will listen to what you want and determine the best ways to achieve that. Sometimes people feel as though they haven't been heard or they're queries have not been understood. We make sure you are involved and present all of the information in plain English. We will also provide a general guide for how long treatment is likely to take. This is an important factor for many people in making their decisions.

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