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Cosmetic Dentistry

Different types of people need different types of dentistry. Some people need just simple fillings, others require crowns and bridges. Here are some photos to give ideas of some different types of treatments. (We have changed the names of the patients below for privacy reasons).

New Veneers


Susan had old and stained veneers with unsightly fillings around the veneers. We removed the old veneers using our laser which preserves the tooth structure underneath. The temporary veneers in the middle photo look terrific and are what Susan walked out with at the end of that first visit.
The final photo shows the finished 6 veneers which are tremendous and a huge improvement on Susan's original appearance. This type of work is why we go to work each day. You can imagine how happy she was with the result!






 Closing Gaps


Rita has gaps in her lower teeth.


We have placed bonded bridges on the lower teeth to fill in the missing teeth which detracted from her smile. A very simple procedure which involved some taking moulds or impressions of the lower teeth and then having the new porcelain teeth created. It was all finished in a week and a half.






 Ray wanted to improve his appearance. His front teeth were worn, brown and there were ugly gaps at the front. We placed bridges on the front teeth to rebuild his smile and close those gaps. This covered the brown teeth and changed the shape to a more pleasing shape. It is completely different in the before and after photos! He was much happier with his new smile and so was Ray's wife.





Smile Makeover


Sometimes there are many things wrong in a smile. It can be missing teeth, it can be the shape of the teeth or the colour. In the first photo below Jane has a denture replacing several missing teeth. The blue arrows highlight the denture teeth. 


We lightened her teeth prior to the photo and you can see the lower teeth are now lighter than the upper teeth. In the makeover we try and bring the colour of the upper teeth closer to these. In the photo on the right we have removed the denture and you can see the difference that these gaps make to here smile.






We then prepared the teeth for new porcelain bridges and prescripted a lighter shade for the colour.  The final result below shows the difference that a smile makeover can make to your overall appearance. Both the lighter colour and the overall shape has been significantly improved.
You can tell how happy Jane was with her final appearance. Lightening the teeth and making them look more aesthetic has changed how Jane feels when she smiles.


The green arrow is the darkened root treated tooth, the blue arrow is the denture tooth.




 A simple porcelain bridge

Sometimes there are several problems with a smile. Colin, our patient below, wanted to get rid of his denture. He also didn't like the darkened canine or 'eye' tooth. We improved his smile with a new bridge that covered over his darkened tooth and allowed him to get rid of the denture that had been bothering him for so long. In the end a new smile that looked better and allowed him to chew better than the old one.




A new smile with fillings.


Not everyone has an award winning smile but everyone wants to improve how they look. Mark had let himself go through too many sugary drinks and not brushing his teeth. As they started to look bad, he stopped brushing altogether. Mark wanted to fix his front teeth and get back to looking and feeling good. We removed the decay and then rebuilt the teeth using composite resin (white filling material). The end result is dramatic and has given Mark his self confidence back.


A New Denture


Sarah was disappointed with the gaps in her front teeth. We made a new denture for her and the gap was closed. A simple procedure that improved her smile.