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Invisalign Before and after pics


How far can we go with overlapping front teeth? If the bite is good but there is significant crowding at the front,  we still have a great opportunity to use Invisalign.  


However, a lot of overlapping of the teeth requires quite a bit of work to straighten.  ===> like this case below!


Crooked teeth Straightened with Invisalign



Spaces with fron teeth can be closed with 6 to 12 months 



Teeth spaces closed with Invisalign






Girl smiling after Invisalign




Correcting deep bite with Invisalign








Want to improve rapidly your smile with Six Month Smiles, a form of orthodontics?  We can do it. 

Are your teeth really crowded? It may be necessary to take teeth out. 

 Don't worry, we can solve this problem and make you look fantastic! The case below had 4 teeth taken out and looks terrific. 

You cant even tell teeth were taken out from the side