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Cumberland Dental is the only dental office in South Australia certified by Six Month Smiles to offer 6 Month Adult Braces.  


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What is 6 Month Smiles?


6 Month Smiles (6MS) braces is the latest technique and technology that will straighten your teeth in the half the time it would take using traditional braces and will move them quickly and safely into alignment.

This approach may not always address bite discrepancies so it is important that Dr Jack discusses this with you at your consultation so you are aware of your treatment plan from day dot.

Adults benefit from this method as it is cosmetically aesthetic and treats most cases of crowding and spacing.

They are clear brackets that sit on the top and bottom teeth and are used to straighten and reposition misaligned teeth. These brackets are virtually invisable but are just as effective as metal brackets.


Straighter Teeth with a difference!


Has your smile been stuck in "Cosmetic Limbo?"

  • Were you afraid your only other choice is to have braces for Two Years or longer?
  • Have you considered Veneers but didn't want your teeth permanently altered?
  • Were you quoted more than $7000 for braces? You would be surprised how much you could save.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to have a chat with Dr Jack about your options.

  • Discuss your case with an actual dentist
  • Get a quote that has no hidden extras
  • See 3D modelling of how your straight your teeth can be
  • Be treated like a valued patient in a boutique setting.
  • Get an approximate time for how long it might take. 



We've answered all your questions on our FAQ's page 


Cumberland Dental is the only dental office in South Australia certified by Six Month Smiles to offer 6 Month Adult Braces


Our payment plans make it possible to straighten your teeth right now

Payment Plans are available from $48 per week! 

In the past, your only choices to correct a crooked smile were traditional comprehensive orthodontics or Porcelain Veneers.

Today, you can have crooked, crowded, or spaced teeth straightened cosmetically with 6 Month Braces.

Think about it - In the time it takes between your regular cleaning appointments, your treatment can be complete! In just 6 Months, you can enjoy your newfound confidence with your own "Cumberland Dental Smile." You don't have to feel embarrassed about your smile anymore. You can go "From Zero to Straight in Six Months!"

If you would prefer the service of an office geared towards Adult Orthodontic Treatment, offering a private atmosphere, we believe you'll feel right at home at Cumberland Dental. 



You can search for Google Reviews Cumberland Dental reviews and you will find a lot of happy customers. Call now and see the difference. 

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6  Month Smiles braces are clear, top and bottom and bottom teeth.



6 Month Smiles can help correct most minor cases; Dr Jack will assess to see if you're a candidate for this treatment.



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